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Jak and Daxter for the Discerning Fellow


A Jak and Daxter fan community
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This is a community for discussion, casual chat, satire and humour related to the Jak and Daxter series of videogames. This community endeavours to strike a balance between having a comfortable and easy atmosphere for its members, and functioning as a community free of pairings, self-insertion, and other fandom-related afflictions.

The rules are:

1. Do not breach the Livejournal Terms of Service.
2. Jak media is harder to come by than that of most PS2 games, so naturally sharing is permitted. However, should any official soundtracks, artbooks etc. become available for purchase, please try to shell out for these and support the developers.
3. While sensible discussion of love interests in the series (for example, the interaction between Daxter and Tess) is absolutely fine, please stay away from 'pairing babble', yaoi, yuri, and het alike. (There's a community for that.)
4. I'm aware that the wording of this rule is pretty vague, but no typical 'fandom' extremities, please. This means that posting your fanfiction where you're a beautiful young elf named Krystal with silver hair and violet eyes and you show Dark Jak how to love is not cool.
5. If you're going to post spoilers, please do it behind an LJ cut for members who haven't finished the series. This goes triple for anyone posting about the hilarious surprise toward the end of Jak 3.
6. Last but not least, despite the rules, please try and keep a drama-free atmosphere for new members and old ones alike.

The consequences of breaking the rules will depend on the intention of the poster and whether or not they actually read them.